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Assignment Sheet: Web 2.0 Tool Evaluation


A.2.3: Web 2.0 Tool Evaluation 

From the syllabus: This is an individual project. The goals of this Web 2.0 tool evaluation assignment are to access, evaluate, and disseminate information about one particular Web 2.0 tool and create a competencies-aligned example as a model for classmates. You will investigate multiple tools that are new to you and sign up to evaluate one tool. You will complete a template related to the tool, including creating a brief sample product using that tool that aligns with ALA Core Competences or competences from other ALA divisions. You will contribute to a collective resource on a Google Drive doc.


ALA Core Competences:

Foundations of the Profession

1A. The ethics, values, and foundational principles of the library and information profession.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

4D. The principles and techniques necessary to identify and analyze emerging technologies and innovations in order to recognize and implement relevant technological improvements.


Module 1.1:

  • Post your Google email account to the BB Wiki: Student Communications Page.


Module 1.3:

  • Begin to explore Web 2.0 tools. Select tools that are new to you.
  • Web 2.0 Tool Definition:
    • Web 2.0 tools exist in the clouds and are not downloaded onto a computer. The fact that they are not downloaded is critical.
    • They can be described as the read/write/share Web and are most effective for collaborative learning. 
    • Except for the Google Drive doc, the tools you will explore for this assignment are accessed without a password.
    • All of these tools from which you can select are FREE.
    • Examples of these tools include: Animoto, Go!Animate, Padlet, VoiceThread, and more.   
  • As you explore, think about how these tools may be used in a library setting.


Module 2.1:

  • Review this assignment sheet and the A.2.3 Rubric.
  • Choose one of the Web 2.0 tools sites listed at: http://ls5043.wikispaces.com/Web_2.0
  • Explore a wide-variety of Web 2.0 tools. Please focus on tools you have NOT previously used. One goal of this assignment is to learn to use tools that are new to you.
  • Choose one of the starred and highlighted Web 2.0. tools from our course wiki. You must have the professor's permission if you want to deviate from this list.
  •  You will receive an invitation to collaborate on a Google Drive doc.
  • Go to the Google Drive doc for your section and sign up to evaluate ONE of these Web 2.0 tool.
  • Input your name and a hot link to the Web 2.0 tool homepage on the Google Drive doc. (Only one person will review each tool; first come, first served).
  • Create a page on your individual student wiki.
  • Copy and paste the A.2.3 Web 2.0 Evaluation Template onto your wiki page.


Module 2.2

  • Review the A.2.3 Rubric.
  • Complete the template. 
  • Complete the template using notemaking formats.
    • Single words
    • Short phrases
    • Bulleted lists
    • Reference to a page number(s)
  •  Brainstorm ideas related to creating a brief sample. See the sample on the Google Drive doc which is the same as the sample on the sample student wiki.


Module 2.3

  • Turn your creativity loose and create a sample product that will be used as a model for our classmates.
  • Your example must show the features and strengths of this tool, address competences, and be applicable in a library setting.
  • Be sure you are using original or copyright-free images and sound(s). NOTE: Since you are engaging in distribution on the Web, fair use does not apply.
  • Complete your sample.
  • Cite your media appropriately for a multimedia project and/or your audience.


Note: You MUST let Web 2.0 viewers know where to find your references so your reference information MUST be part of your Web 2.0 tool.


Note: If your Web 2.0 tool can be embedded on a wiki page, embed your sample and use your wiki page URL on the template and on your A.2.3 Rubric.


Note: If you have a longer list of references, you can format them on one or more PowerPoint slides. Then save each slide as a "jpeg" file. This allows you to have an image (or two) you can import at the end of your sample product.


  • Copy and paste your template into the Google Drive doc in alphabetical order.
  • Be careful not to paste over anyone else’s work!


Assessing and Turning in Your Work:

  • Use the A.2.3 Rubric to self-assess your work.
  • Using the Assignment Tool, turn in your rubric as an attachment with the top portion completed.


Blackboard Assignment Tool Location

  • Go to Blackboard.
  • Click on the Module link from the main navigation.
  • Click on the Module in which the assignment is due. (In this case, Module 2.)
  • Scroll down until you locate the assignment. (In this case, A.2.3 Web 2.0 Evaluation.)
  • Link to the Assignment.
  • Attach the rubric.
  • Click submit.


FORMAT for submitting rubrics via BB Assignment Tool:

Last Name_Assignment Number_Rubric


Example: Moreillon_A.2.3_Rubric



Assignment Resources:


Assignment Sheet (.pdf)


A.2.3 Template (.doc)


A.2.3 Rubric (.doc)




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